Ночные массовые катания в спб

What to do at night?

If all the summer visitors enjoy white nights, the bridges and long walks around the city, what to do in the winter?
For those tourists who are not accustomed to go to bed early, and generally believed that the youth we have one and need to enjoy life to the full, we offer to spend the night at the rink.

But I have no skates? How much is the rental?

Ice rink in the entertainment complex “Tavrichesky garden” ( Potemkinskaya str., 4A)

Ice arena in the entertainment complex “Tavrichesky garden” is located just four kilometers from the Grey House Hotel (about 15 min by car, 40 min walk).
Night mass skating are held on Fridays (from 00:00-05:00) and Saturdays (from 22:30-05:00). Ice poured every hour and those breaks can you get in a cafe on the second floor to warm up, have a Cup of tea/coffee and may even manage to find friends.

Skate rental costs 200 rubles , and the ticket for the entire period public skating-450 RUB.

It is recommended to take two pairs of socks, a warm jacket, and it is better to hook anything cotton. And don’t forget the scarf! First is soooovsem not hot, but after 10 minutes of riding(or attempts), everything will change.

Life hack number 1. The first hour at the rink are usually very few people, all catch up to 00:00-00:30
Life hack number 2. Bring sandwiches and tea in thermos (beverages in the café are “ogogogo”)
Life hack number 3. Friendly company we recommend to take table game, the average duration of which does not exceed 30-40 min of the game. Pour the ice yet, will do in a cafe, and can’t sleep!

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